• Unique to every person
  • Can be healthy e.g. I better get up or I will miss my bus for work when the alarm goes off
  • Can result in physical feelings such as having constant butterflies in your stomach
  • Can result in your thinking being black and white e.g. if you make a mistake in work, you think that you are no good at your job
  • Feeling overwhelmed because you feel under pressure
  • Feeling overwhelmed by your thoughts, feelings or behaviours
  • Overthinking
  • Can result in being negative / pessimistic about the future
  • Sleeping too much or too little
  • Result in feelings of your heart pumping too fast*, sweating, stomach churning

What is counselling?

A Safe supportive space for you
Explore what you want from your life
Space and time to unfold your story
A caring, understanding place with no judgment



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